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Episode 24: Profit First In Germany With Benita Königbauer

Benita Königbauer

Show Summary Benita Königbauer, Tax Advisor and certified Profit First Professional, joins Episode 24 of the Profit First Podcast. Benita shares her story of implementing Profit First in Germany.   Our …Read More

Do It Now!


Great ideas are useless, unless they are executed upon. Great initiatives are a waste if the initiative is not taken. So whatever it is. No matter how hard (or easy) …Read More

Episode 23: Pricing and Profitability With Matthew Perosi


Show Summary Matthew Perosi, Chief Thinker at Sapphire Collaborative, joins Episode 23 of the Profit First Podcast. Matthew shares his story of when his company went into financial struggle and …Read More

Weirdos Wanted!


Next time someone calls you weird, revel in it. It’s the weirdos who are different. It’s the weirdos who challenge the norm.  It is the weirdos who realize the foundation …Read More

Episode 22: Engineering and Industry Domination With Kurt Shafer

Kurt Shafer.Thumb

Show Summary Kurt Shafer, CEO of Invisco, joins Episode 22 of the Profit First Podcast. Kurt shares his story of how an inventor came to dominate the industry.   Our Guest Graduated …Read More

Episode 21: Customer Service and Profit Growth with Angie Strader

angie strader 360 wraps

Show Summary Angie Strader, CEO of 360 Wraps, joins Episode 21 of the Profit First Podcast. Angie explains the profitable benefits of keeping you customers happy.   Our Guest Angie Strader …Read More

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