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Breaking Rules


As I write this, I just finished hosting the 2015 Rule Breaker Awards. Amazing entrepreneur after amazing entrepreneur was recognized for breaking the rules. Then it hit me like a …Read More

Episode 38: Gamification and Taxes with Adam Hollander and Tom Wheelwright

Adam Hollander and Tom Wheelright THUMB

Also Available On   Show Summary Adam Hollander and Tom Wheelwright join us for Episode 38 of the Profit First Podcast. Adam shares his story of how FantasySalesTeam got started. Tom …Read More

Sell For A Premium


Customers pay a premium for what makes you different than the competition, not what makes you the same. Be different. Sell those differences. Sell for a premium.

Polish A Turd


A college buddy of mine loved to say, “You can polish a turd as much as you want… it’s still a stinkin’ turd.” (If you haven’t figured it out, I …Read More

Episode 36: Employee Incentives and Business Funding with Christine Gray and Jared Hecht

Christine Gray

Also Available On   Show Summary Christine Gray and Jared Hecht join us for Episode 36 of the Profit First Podcast. Christine shares her structure for running a successful business. …Read More

The Shoulder


I am working on my next book as I write this. One of the privileges of being an author is you get to speak with extraordinary people from all walks …Read More

Are You Replaceable?


As an entrepreneur, your first response to that question will likely be a resounding, “No, I can’t be replaced!” After all, we have been programmed to believe that being replaceable …Read More

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