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Different Gets Noticed

A guy with a spiked backpack walked by me at the airport. Maybe this backpack is something popular with kids. (He told me he bought it at Target during the back to school rush.) But we weren’t at a school. We were at the airport, and he was the only person (kids included) with a […] Read more

Rituals and Superstitions that Boost Your Business

Do you ever try to avoid the number 13, or act a little more cautiously on Friday the 13th? How about throwing salt over your shoulder if you happen to spill some? These are just a few of the rituals and superstitions that we engage in, often without even giving it much thought. They often become second nature […] Read more

Customers Don’t Buy What You Do

Customers don’t buy chimney cleaning services. They buy safe, roaring fires. Customers don’t buy Terry Cloth, sponges, soap and wax. They buy bragging rights for their shiny car. Customers don’t buy legal services. They buy protection or vengeance or ego or money (or all of the above). Customers don’t buy what you do. They buy […] Read more

Have Great Client Meetings in These 12 Unexpected Places

Holding meetings with clients is a given. At some point just about all entrepreneurs need to meet with their client. But where you meet can make a big difference. So it’s time to challenge yourself and get out of the ordinary and start holding those client meetings in better places than you are used to. […] Read more

Business Applications for Facebook On The Rise

business apps
You know all about how companies have been using mobile applications to help boost their bottom line. Now, get ready for Facebook applications to be the next big thing! Development of Facebook applications is on an uptick and you will want to get in on it from the start. If you have been avoiding getting […] Read more

How Can You Recognize Your Talent?

It’s a pretty common question. Afterall we are often blind to our talent, because what comes easy to you (ahem – your talent) you think comes easy to everyone else. With that the vicious ‘I have no talent’ cycle begins. So to break out of that cycle of being blinded to your own talent simply […] Read more

The Corporation of Utopia

If you are like most people in business, you strive to be the best. Heck, we all do, right? Problem is, so many businesses strive to be the best – the leader at this, the world’s best at that. But most entrepreneurs try to be the best by measuring themselves against the competition. Sound familiar? […] Read more


As I study all the ‘overnight successes’ in the world, I see one consistent theme: perseverance. Most of them had to persevere for years or even decades before the world took notice. A few others had success literally overnight. But then they had to persevere for the rest of their lives. Read more

7 Weird Habits Of Successful People

We call people weird because they do things differently than we would. Seth Godin wears those bright colored, but mismatched socks. Steve Jobs’ work uniform was a black turtleneck and jeans. Look around and you can see the obvious differences in a lot of successful people. Those are fun to spot, but they’re not necessarily […] Read more

Question Bigger Than Thinking Big

We live in a world of questions. In fact, in business, we are inundated with them. Think about all the questions you ask in a day – everything from “How can I get more customers to call?” to “What am I doing wrong?” And this, my friend, may be exactly where you are going wrong! […] Read more

What Not to Look for When Hiring: Experience!

In the market to hire someone? If you are like most others in business, you place a high priority on the amount of experience that an applicant has. Everyone looking for their next hire seems to look for the “best” employee, as defined by their experience. Obviously, someone with 10 years of experience is better […] Read more

Sell Them After You Sold Them

Have you ever heard of Buyer’s Remorse? Thought so. But did you know that with public access of the Internet truly taking hold twenty years ago, everything changed? The consumer could find a better price, a better way, a better anything on the Internet. Every imaginable alternative became accessible. And with that Buyer’s Remorse went […] Read more

Change Someone Else In These 6 Ways

You know those movies where the guy says, “I could tell ya, but if I told ya, I’d have to kill ya.”? My second company, the one that did computer crime investigation, had that sort of atmosphere. The problem was, I had a fantastic employee, who was great, except he was a loud talker. In […] Read more

The Right Place At The Right Time

Chances are your business is like a gumball machine. Your clients aren’t strategically planning to buy from you. They aren’t spending years evaluating and weighing each option. They aren’t thinking about the consequences a year from now. Let alone a day from now. They simply pass by your gumball machine. You are at the right […] Read more

Is Your Desk Destroying Your Productivity?

I just got back from a run/walk/jog thingy I do about three times a week. It feels good to get the blood flowing and since I have a track about a quarter mile from my home office, I have no excuse to not do it (although I found I am crafty at making up excuses. […] Read more

Facial Cues: How To Detect If A Client Is Lying

It was going to be the biggest client engagement of my life. After eight months of wining and dining my prospect I had received the nod to deliver a proposal. Three months later he had our agreement in hand and we were meeting to finalize the deal. I sat across the conference table from John […] Read more

Successful Innovation: The Hidden Secret

Humans are creatures of habit. Those who have ever tried to break a habit can identify with this. You start a diet every Monday. You plan a new workout routine that you will start at the first of the month. No longer will you put so much sugar in your tea. But usually those changes […] Read more

Stay Under The Radar

Every entrepreneur wants to see their business grow. And why wouldn’t you, right? It means more customers, more sales, and ultimately more money. But there is a risk. If you grow too big, too fast, the competition will catch on. That puts a lot of additional pressure on you, because no longer do you just […] Read more
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