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Episode 20: Profitability and Leadership Darryl Lyons


Show Summary Author and business owner, Darryl Lyons joins Episode 20 of the Profit First Podcast. Darryl shares how authenticity and good leadership skills can help your business benefit profitably.   Our Guest ​Darryl …Read More

Integrated Counsel


Integrate Counsel. You probably have never heard that term before. And I suspect, to some degree, you are now curious what it means. They are professionals who will work from …Read More

Episode 19: Time Tracking and Maximizing Profits with Matt Rissell


Show Summary Matt Rissell, co-founder and CEO of TSheets,  joins Episode 19 of the Profit First Podcast. Matt dives into how time tracking protects employees and helps employers maximize their profitability. …Read More

You First


The premise of my newest book, Profit First, is to take your profit prior to expense. Ahem – take your profit first. I am eternally grateful for the emails that …Read More

Episode 18: Job Satisfaction and Profitability with Stan Genadek


Show Summary Stan Genadek, owner of Genadek Landscaping and Excavating Inc. joins Episode 18 of the Profit First Podcast. Stan talks about the importance of job satisfaction and how it relates to the profit …Read More



My friend, Barrett owns a lawn care business. To grow his company he hired a company to do outbound calls as the new season approached. As frustrating as it may …Read More

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