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6 Easy Ways To Refresh An Old Product Or Service

Baking soda used to be used for … baking. While it’s still in the pantries of most homes, baking soda is the poster child for reinvention and repositioning. It’s not just for cookies. It’s used as a deodorizer, a household cleaner, and even in toothpaste. Think about it … if a simple product like baking […] Read more

Doing More, Faster: The Hidden Secret

If you are like most people in business, you are looking to do more, faster. This is evident from even a quick search on Amazon.com for books about productivity. One search will net you over 40,000 hits! That subject is the Holy Grail for the majority of us. We all seem to have the same […] Read more

How You Can Fix Any Business Problem

Most consultants fail. They blow it on a regular basis, not because they are bad or that they have bad systems. Quite to the contrary, most consultants and coaches I have met are darn impressive, very business savvy and brilliant in figuring out where their clients are choking. So why is it they do all […] Read more

You Should Never Break These 7 Networking Rules

The rules of networking are a lot like the rules we learned in kindergarten, high school or college: - Behave yourself - Give first receive later - Be prepared - Ethics above all - Influencers can make or break your experience - Look at the person you’re talking to — not the person over their […] Read more

International Traveling: How To Cut Phone Costs

If you have ever traveled internationally, whether for business or pleasure, and talked on your cell phone, you may have received a shock when you returned home. Most people don’t realize, when they set out on their travels, just how darn expensive it is to communicate with people back home while they are gone. If […] Read more

5 Ways To Prevent Competitors From Taking Your Clients

One of the biggest fears of every entrepreneur is competition. After all, play your cards right and the customers will spend their money with you; play them wrong and you will lose your customers to your competition. Rather than fear the competition, what if you use it as motivation to learn about how to keep […] Read more

Find Business The Easy Way

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As a business owner, you are always thinking of ways to find more business. And if you are like most business owners, you probably focus more on acquiring new customers than you do caring for those you already have. But by doing that, you could be creating more marketing work for yourself and leaving a […] Read more

Sell More By Using The Frequency Technique!

Think quick: what brand of chips, soda, or pain reliever do you reach for? Chances are that you’re like the vast majority of people when it comes to walking through the grocery store aisles to pick these products and others. You purchase the same brand of product, over and over each week. That’s the result […] Read more

51 Ways to Reward Your Employees (No Money Required)

Sure, many companies feel strapped right now and may duck their head and run in the other direction at the mere mention of bonuses. But tough times don’t mean that you should just forget about rewarding your employees! There are many ways that you can reward employees without handing them money, and many of these […] Read more

First To The Field, Last To Leave

One of the most famed football players of all time is wide receiver Jerry Rice. Famous for his work ethic, Rice was practicing running routes the day after his team won the Super Bowl. Every single day, Rice was always the first to the field and the last one to leave. What is your entrepreneurial […] Read more

How To Make Your Office Space More Efficient

Have an office space that isn’t all that effective? Don’t feel bad. It happens to us all, from time to time. The good news is that there are things you can do right now to make a difference and help things moving along more smoothly. Here are 13 ways that you can make your office […] Read more

Productivity Vs. Punctuality

How do you get your employees to show up on time, work longer hours and skip lunch breaks? Wrong question. If you, like many managers and CEOS, are looking for ways to enforce or inspire your staff to show up to work and stay there in order to increase productivity, you’re barking up the wrong […] Read more

Match Your Audience With Your Attire

There used to be a time when I went to all my meetings in a suit and tie. Heck, we pretty much all did. That’s just the way that meetings used to be held. But today, the meetings I attend have pretty much gone to a standard t-shirt-and-jeans look. Well, kind of. No matter how […] Read more

Life Lessons From My Mom

My mother turns 80 this year. Throughout the years, I have learned many lessons from her. Here are some of my favorites that she shared: A gentlemen covers his mouth when he yawns, even in the dark. Teachers point at the door, you open it. If you don’t want anyone to know, don’t do it. […] Read more

The Criticism Challenge

If you have ever had an employee need harsh criticism, you know just how difficult a task it can be. Most people don’t like to dish out criticism, which is a good thing, but as entrepreneurs, there is sometimes no way around it. But there is a right way and a wrong way to give […] Read more

Never Want Your Business To Be Number One…. Here’s Why.

Contrary to popular belief, and most Hollywood movies I’ve seen, being number one at anything gets you hated. Even if a business was adored as the contender, once they become the champion they suddenly become the evil force everyone wants to hate and conquer. In spite of all they’ve done for so many fans, Apple […] Read more


Entrepreneurship requires courage. It requires courage to start, it requires courage to continue. But perhaps most importantly, it requires courage finish. As each phase of the entrepreneur’s journey comes to a close, the next phase looms bigger, harder and scarier. It is easy to stay stuck in the realm of comfort, and never finish. It […] Read more

The Best Way To Break The Industry Rules

To know the rules is dangerous. You are likely to adhere to them. Drive down a road without a speed limit sign, you’ll guess the likely speed limit and drive accordingly. You’ll adhere to a rule that might not even exist. Conversely, if you had no concept of speed limits, you will drive differently. You’ll […] Read more

4 Pricing Mistakes You Should Avoid When Negotiating

Life is one big, ongoing, negotiation. We negotiate about who’s going to drive, who’s going to pick up or fix dinner, who’s picking up the bar tab, and what we’re going to pay for a new car. Sure, some negotiations are bigger, scarier and have way hairier consequences if we screw up (job negotiations, our […] Read more
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