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Why You Can’t Motivate An Employee

I get it. You want a dream team, a devoted group of employees who would move mountains, face their fears, and work tirelessly to help you meet your entrepreneurial goals. I hate to break it to you buck-o, but they ain’t you. They may love you and their job, but nobody will ever be as […] Read more

When Is The Best Time To Start A New Business?

There is a popular belief about stock market investing – don’t try to time it, instead “dollar cost average.” I agree. Dollar cost averaging means that the timing of our investments is not nearly as important as simply investing and to continuously invest over time. Time averages out the volatile swings of any given moment. […] Read more

Break These Rules for Better Public Speaking

For audience members, typical is boring. Watching a performer take risks is exciting. The best of the best break the rules. However, they don’t break the rules just to break the rules. They break the rules to make the show better, to advance a story, to raise the stakes, to get you to sit up […] Read more

What Is The Best Way To Market My Business?

No question about it. You need to be all over social media! No. Wait. Hold on. I take that back. I meant, you must have a killer website that links to your killer social media. Well… I mean, only if you are doing public speaking. That’s it… public speaking. You must be a public speaker […] Read more

The Rise Of The Micro-Enterprise

Micro-enterprise has a pretty nice ring to it, doesn’t it? It even sounds like you’re part of something bigger than your office-in-a-box, because you are! Would you believe that around 87 percent of all businesses in the United States are considered micro-enterprises? It’s true, according to the Association for Enterprise Opportunity. With 24 million micro-enterprises […] Read more

The Business Innovation Technique Of Blending

Entrepreneurs are natural innovators, but even the most forward-thinking people sometimes need a little nudge to help open their minds to new possibilities for growth. One of the best ways to think outside of the box is to start asking “what if” questions. Here’s a “what if” question I’ve been kicking around lately: What if […] Read more

Squeeze The Juice Out Of It

We derive only about twenty percent of the value out of eighty percent of the things we use. The email marketing system you purchased? It can do so much more than just big old email blasts. That CRM you are using? You’re barely scratching the surface of what it can do. That networking group you […] Read more

Inspired? Ask How

“You gotta think differently.” “You need to aspire to be bigger.” “You have to believe.” I hear some version of these quotes all the time. Shoot, I say them too. While they are surely true, they are highly unactionable. I mean, how do you think differently? What do you need to do to have bigger […] Read more

On Stage Every Day

I was re-reading First, Break All The Rules by Marcus Buckingham this morning, and in the introduction I came across this quote: “A manager has got to remember he is on stage every day. His people are watching him. Everything he does, everything he says, and the way he says it, sends off clues to […] Read more

The Rise Of Self-Serve

I was standing in line at the ATM. There were four people in front of me. I estimated a five or six minute wait. Through the glass door I saw two tellers with no one in line. But I waited for the ATM machine, nonetheless. I suspect you do the same. Our world is very […] Read more

One Hundred Percent Satisfied?

I just returned from my annual business retreat. This year we decided to go to Costa Rica. We wanted to experience the world class whitewater rafting. What I didn’t expect was that we would also experience world class customer service. The driver who took us to and from the airport, activities and the host of […] Read more

Travel More To Improve Your Business

When Phil Romano founded Macaroni Grill, he traveled throughout Italy to determine what made restaurants so popular. Among other things, he found that in Italy a jug of wine is simply placed on the table when the customer arrives. When they are ready to pay the bill, the waiter simply asks how many glasses of […] Read more

The Trust Factor

I hustle to get the word out about my books, bringing them to events, doing signings at bookstores, and sticking them in supermarket cereal boxes in hopes that people will think it is the coolest prize inside, ever. And yet, at the end of the day, it doesn’t move many books. But if Seth Godin […] Read more

Talk Is Cheap. And Long Distance Rates Are Almost Non-Existent

Talk is cheap. It always has been. Now it’s just cheaper. Everyone can talk and everyone does. Anyone, anywhere will say something (anything) and it might just go viral. It also means that the shelf life for talk is shorter and shorter. Talk is everywhere and therefore the words don’t last long. Conversely, actions are […] Read more

When It Becomes A Burden

When it becomes a burden, it’s not a passion. It probably never was. You can take a break from it, hoping to recharge the passion batteries. But when you go back to it, it will only drain you again – it’s a burden. If something becomes a burden, it is a lead indicator you are […] Read more

The Sun Is Always Shining Above The Clouds

I was flying out of Newark Airport. The weather was miserable. It was wet and cold. The ground had puddles and the grass was covered in mud. The clouds were dark. As the flight took off, the plane shuddered like it too was chilled to the bone. A few moments later it burst through the […] Read more

The Entrepreneur’s Choose Your Own Adventure

The entrepreneur’s life is a “choose your own adventure,” adventure. It seems everyday, or every minute, we have a new path we can choose. Do you open the big red door and enter the cavernous room of new product offerings? Do you try to pry open the chest and make collection calls? Or do you […] Read more

What Gets Measured Gets Managed (Including The Bad Stuff)

My newest book, Profit First, shares a money management system that leverages human behavior. Traditional accounting is logic based. It makes sense, logically. But us humans aren’t logical beasts, we are emotional animals. So, traditional accounting actually hurts us, but how? Traditional accounting has us focus on sales, then direct expenses, then indirect expenses, then […] Read more
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