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Episode 108 : Rolling In The Dough With Paul Finney and Marcie Hanhart

marcie and Paul (both)

Also Available On Show Summary This episode with Paul Finney, we learn on how a food business can be profitable!  After discovering Profit First, Paul brought on a Profit First Professional …Read More

Episode 106: Implementing Profit First With Frank DeBenedetto and Ralph M. Rivera

frank and ralph (both small)

Also Available On Show Summary This week we have a great episode with Frank and Ralph, where we discuss how they have implemented Profit First from day one of starting their …Read More

Episode 103: How to Become a Profitable Amazon Seller With Cyndi Thomason, Christine Cobb, and Ellen Britt

all three

Also Available On Show Summary In today’s episode with Cyndi, Christine, and Ellen, we discover exactly how to become profitable as an Amazon Seller. We discover special strategies you need to …Read More

Episode 99: Freedom and Profitability With Jonathan Pototschnik


Also Available On   Show Summary This episode with Jonathan Pototschnik discusses the difference between working in the business vs. on the business and how to make the transition.  Jonathan argues …Read More

BONUS Episode: The Introduction & Chapter One from the book SURGE by Mike Michalowicz

Mike Michalowicz.SURGE

Also Available On   Show Summary Welcome to this very special bonus episode of the Profit First Podcast! Mike Michalowicz gives you two bonus audios of his new book, SURGE (Separate, Unify, Rally, Gather, Expand) …Read More

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