Which Competitor Is Your Biggest Threat?

It seems most entrepreneurs fear the big players in their industry. We set our guns on the industry Goliath because if we can take them down, we can then take their spot. We fear them and attack them.

But, the Goliath is not the one to fear. The large incumbents are, by the nature of their size, stuck in their ways. The will burn out on their own. They are far from nimble. They will collapse when someone else reinvents the industry.

It’s the little guy you need to fear. It’s the guy who has no experience in your industry and no right to be in it. It is the guy who “knows nothing” that is best suited to break all the rules. It’s some guy, toiling away in his garage right this very moment, that you need to watch out for. He intends to kick your ass.

And you will never see it coming.


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