Experience Vs. Opinion

| By Mike Michalowicz (Google+)

Everyone’s got an opinion.

Only a few have experience.

Experience trumps opinion. Every. Single. Time.

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7 responses to “Experience Vs. Opinion”

  1. MTX says:

    And I can spell your name in a proper way – Michałowicz 😉

  2. MTX says:

    Hahaaaa I always wanted to comment on your blog, but its the first time I made it – with the previous coment “True”. Its kinda funny because it makes me think that I commented because your post was very short – so I also commented in a short way. Maybe its a good way to engage the audience – by writing short posts :). Anyways – I like your posts when they are long and descriptive – and as it seems I comment only on short posts 😉

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