Integrated Counsel

Integrate Counsel. You probably have never heard that term before. And I suspect, to some degree, you are now curious what it means. They are professionals who will work from your offices so they can integrate into your company’s culture. Then when you hire them to do your legal work (like writing employment agreements, etc.) the documents are both legally sound and speak to your corporate culture.

Lawyer. I suspect you are already familiar with that term. And I suspect you are not curious enough for me to explain what they do, since you already know.

Integrated Counselors and Lawyers are barely different. In fact either one could do the other ones job just as well. But Integrate Counsel has your attention and interest (even if it’s just momentary) because they use a different name than you are familiar with.

Different gets noticed. Different dictates interest. Different wins.

Be different. Even if it is just the professional title of what you do.


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