Keeping Corporate Culture

| By Mike Michalowicz (Google+)

During a recent trip I stopped by one of my favorite chain restaurants, Cracker Barrel.*

It was a new store that had opened in New Jersey, yet I noticed many of the employees had southern accents. One of the employees explained that approximately half the staff was from other Cracker Barrel stores in Virginia and that they were here to get the Jersey employees up to speed. Good idea!

By taking some of their best people to this new location Cracker Barrel was more than just training employees, they were keeping the corporate culture strong. Great southern cooking served with southern hospitality, right here in Jersey.

I have since gone back. The team is now all New Jersey employees, yet the culture still has that nice southern feel.

Opening new locations yourself? Send your employees who best represent your culture to spark the same with the new folks. It works for Cracker Barrel, it may work for you.

*I suggest the spicy grilled catfish with green beans, corn and fried apples. Be sure to order some biscuits with apple butter.

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3 Responses to “Keeping Corporate Culture”

  1. This is something that you’ll find Chick-Fil-A does as well. At Ruby Tuesday, franchise candidates are required to spend two weeks working every role in their restaurants to understand how each is vital to the success of the location.

    I find that this happens more in food service than other industries (personal observation), but I wonder if it’s because there’s greater chance to make or break the experience?

  2. Mike Michalowicz says:

    I wonder if there is an analogy to war… where the Marines go first, establish the foothold and the army then takes control.

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