Episode 133: Profit First in the Entertainment Industry with Jason Spencer

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On this episode with Jason Spencer you will discover how your entertainment business or your business as an event professional can be more profitable by using Profit First.  Jason explains where entertainment businesses unintentionally waste money and compromise their profits and gives some specific steps to making your business more profitable.  Plus he shares how you can start dictating a premium for your services and not be seen as yet another DJ.

Our Guest

Jason Spencer is a Profit First Professional and the founder of Profithood Academy, a website dedicated to Empowering Event Professionals. Jason boasts over two decades of experience in the Wedding and Event industry and has been a solopreneur at Spencer Weddings and Entertainment in Northern California since 2009. After applying Profit First to his own entertainment business, he knew that with some fine-tuning and nuances, it was a methodology that every one of his colleagues would benefit from in their own companies.

A highly-regarded expert in the DJ entertainment field, Jason has shared the Profit First system with nearly ten thousand wedding and event professionals as a mainstage speaker among the top industry conferences and through private, one-on-one coaching. Jason currently serves as the Vice President of the Sacramento Chapter of the American Disc Jockey Association and he is the former Marketing Chair for the Northern California Chapter of Wish Upon A Wedding.

He continues his mission to regularly spread the word as a business coach through Profithood Academy and the ever popular Facebook group, Sales For Event Pros.

Guest Links

Profithood Academy: www.profithoodacademy.com

Spencer Weddings and Entertainment: www.spencerweddings.com

LinkedIn Profile: www.linkedin.com/in/jasonspencer

Facebook: www.facebook.com/profithoodacademy

Twitter, Instagram: @Profithood

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5 thoughts on “Episode 133: Profit First in the Entertainment Industry with Jason Spencer”

  1. Holy smokes! You did this podcast just for me!
    I heard Jason present this concept at last year’s dj conference in Vegas. I scribbled the book name and basic outline of the profit first concept. I do not have any business background and will be implementing this soon.

    Business has exploded for us over the last several years and we’ve struggled on the admin side. 2017 is the year to put plans and systems into place.

    I would live to sit down with Jason at MBLV next month!

    1. Hi Rick!

      I’m going to be there again this year, although I’m not speaking this time around. There’s so much going on, but we most certainly should connect (I believe I’ll be partaking in the Sales For Event Pros gathering on Wednesday of the conference).

      We can talk Profit First and about building systems to help you and your team do the things you love in your business… which probably isn’t the admin stuff!

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