Episode 39: Cash Flow and Niche Focusing with David Knowles and Kacee Johnson

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David Knowles and Kacee Johnson join us for Episode 39 of the Profit First Podcast. David sheds some light on the world of  credit reporting, and Kacee talks about how to create a solid business plan for your company.


Our Guests

David Knowles and Kacee JohnsonDavid Knowles (left)

As group marketing director of Creditsafe, David Knowles creates and drives the company’s brand and marketing strategies throughout the U.S. and Europe. He possesses 20 years of experience in branding and marketing with expertise across B2B and B2C industries, including retail, food and beverages, and financial services. Since joining Creditsafe in 2006, Knowles has defined and strengthened Creditsafe’s brand and value proposition as a superior and more cost-effective alternative to the notorious business credit reporting institutions, like Dun & Bradstreet. Before joining Creditsafe, he led the brand strategy for a number of international beer and cider brands in Europe, such as Aspall, Steinlager, Toohey’s, and Iceland’s leading brewer, Vifilfell. A graduate of the University of Wales, Knowles lives and works in Cardiff, Wales, from Creditsafe’s U.K. headquarters.

Kacee Johnson (right)

Kacee Johnson, founder of Blue Ocean Principles, is a regular speaker and commentator at Technology, Business, Accounting, and Legal conferences nationwide; Focusing on business development, marketing, sales and Cloud technologies. Awarded the CPA Practice Advisor Magazine’s “Top 40 Under 40” Award in 2012 and 2013, she is recognized as one of the young professionals leading businesses into the future. With her diverse management career marked by a demonstrated ability to create solid business plans, determine product needs, achieve revenue goals, build teams and achieve cross-functional business objectives. Kacee founded BOP with a simple goal in mind: work with people you enjoy, on projects you believe in. A results-driven executive and consultant that builds revenue through growth initiatives and contributes a broad-based perspective to create pragmatic strategies and implementation plans designed for maximum return. Kacee regularly assists App Developers, Accounting Firms, MSP’s, Medical Offices, and Small Business Owners in operational and growth initiatives.


Show Quotes 

A sale is not a sale until the money is in the bank.

If someone has not payed you, that’s all you think about. It serves as a distraction and prevents you from focusing on earning more profit.

Money enables you to run your business; make sensible decisions on how to get it. Lack of cash is what will kill your business.

It only takes one bad debt to hurt your company.

Think outside the box! Don’t copy what every other business is doing.

There are two ways to pick a niche:
1. take a look at your current client base and take notice of what’s working – then specialize in it.
2.  Look at what services are in demand and pick a specific target audience. If you choose this route, look into how many of your competitors are servicing these demands.


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Show Links

David Knowles
Website: www.creditsafe.com
Creditsafe’s newsroom: http://creditsafe.com/about-us/news/
@Creditsafe USA on Facebook and Twitter
Creditsafe USA on LinkedIn
David Knowles’ LinkedIn page

Kacee Johnson


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