The Power of the Nobodies

| By Mike Michalowicz (Google+)

They used to call it the Oprah Effect; Get on her show and your product, book, recipe, service, info-product, brand and everything about you took off (Yeah, I am talking about you Dr. Oz!).  (If not Oprah, then major journalists or A-list bloggers).  Big platforms gave big exposure. But now, everything’s changed.

My friend Dave Carroll was a nobody.*  He created a video, and in an instant, changed how big (and small)  business manages customer service. Nobodies are today’s A-listers.

Want to spread the word on your offering? Cater to the nobodies that need it most.

You will never know which one of the nobodies is “the one,”  but if you cater to all your nobodies, one of them (or many) will carry the message to the masses even better than Oprah ever could.

*When I say someone is a nobody, I mean it from a marketing influence perspective.  The “nobodies” are people that the mass consumer never heard of before.

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  1. Did you see the United Breaks Guitars video? If not, it is a must see (it’s on Youtube). What do you think of Dave, and the power of his message?

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