The Revenue Formula

| By Mike Michalowicz (Google+)

Revenue is influenced by two factors:

1. The number of people you impact and,

2. How deeply you impact them.

Serve millions and you will make millions. That’s what some authors have done.

Serve few deeply and you will make millions. That’s what some doctors have done.

Find the way to serve millions deeply, and you will make billions. That’s what some life saving drugs have done.

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  1. M C says:

    Mike, I just wanted to thank you for your book – TPE. It really gave me the kick in the butt that I needed. I was a student majoring in engineering, not a passion, but a respectable career. Ok, and I really love math. I settled and realized that at 23, that’s not a good foundation for my future.
    Now I’m in the middle of starting my own company. The most excited and happiest I’ve ever been!
    So, thanks again.

    • Congratulations to you MC! That took absolute courage…. I am so impressed.

      Now promise me that you never regret your decision. I say this, because the “big test” comes in every entrepreneurs life. Maybe it is the day you see your friends making more money than you in their careers. Maybe it is the day your key employees leave you to start their own business. Maybe its the year that sales are just non-existent.

      I am not sure when it will happen, but it seems every business is tested at some point. Every entrepreneur tested at some point.

      Never forget that you became an entrepreneur because it was (and is your passion). Fight through the dark times, and when you hit those big time successes that only entrepreneurs can have, it will be that much sweeter.

    • MTX says:

      M C – have you finished your studies – or not?

  2. MTX says:

    Mike, thank you for your nice and motivating words about my previous comment. I think you have very high personal energy and power. I don’t know if you have read the book “Power vs Force” by David Hawkins, 1995 – it describes various levels of personal energy and power – and I think you score very high. Maybe you could write a book on this topic where you would share your ideas about having positive energy and personal power.

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