Self Control

Promise me this: Promise that you will never ever again say you have self control.

You don’t. Not always. And if you don’t have it always, you don’t have self control.

That money you’ve been saving for your children’s college fund and you promised yourself never to tap into. . . goes right out the window when you can’t make the mortgage payment.

That candy that you “never” eat is the first thing you buy at the gas station convenience store when you’re hungry as hell on a long drive.

Our self control gets tested the most when we are least prepared for it.

Don’t fool yourself into believing self control is the only thing you need. You need to remove temptation. Reserve that money in a way where you can’t even get it. Carry some sunflower seeds in your glovebox and don’t even enter the convenience store. Remove temptation.


10 thoughts on “Self Control”

  1. I’ve lost 24 lbs since you shared 1) more often 2) smaller chunks 3) remove temptation… Need to apply these new skills to biz dev >> new sales calls every day 2) just 3-5 contacts 3) remove TV, cat, naps

  2. Yeah, it’s so basic and simultaneously so effective principle, that I often have really hard time understanding why (or observing how) people break it notoriously.
    Hence, it’s worth repeating over and over again, if even one person can realize that!

    1. I break it constantly too. I regularly convince myself, that my will power will overcome any temptation. But it doesn’t. When I catch myself, I don’t try to strengthen my will power… I remove the temptation.

      1. I believe we can *have* iron-like will power, but it requires a lot of time and effort to acquire, so it renders us unable to do any business — maybe that’s why yogis are rather poor. 😉

  3. HI Mike

    I’m a huge fan of yours.
    You’re the only business guy / entrepreneur who makes sense. And I’ve tried to learn from many.. won’t mention names here, but I couldn’t grasp any of it, let alone implement it.
    A few years ago The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur hooked me in right away.
    Just finished the audible book of Pumpkin Plan, which I’ve started implementing. I’ve started seeing some improvement, there’s still a long way to go though!

    I like your big picture approach, which is easier for me being a big picture person too.

    Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and experience.

    1. Just kidding with that other comment, Fatima. I soooooo appreciate your kind words. It really means the world to me, and encourages me to do more. My goal is to continue to serve you… and my hope is you continue to serve the world as an entrepreneur (and make tons of money in the process).

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