The Inner Critic by Jarom Adair

| By Mike Michalowicz (Google+)

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43 responses to “The Inner Critic by Jarom Adair”

  1. Dawnmarie says:

    This is so incredible!  I plan to share this with my son who is the “brains” of my business.  He is the one to take care of all the website design and all plug ins, etc.  He will really like this.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful video with us all!
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  2. Paul E. Hendricks says:

    Good work Jarom! Your video was creative and fun and I swear I know that little devil… 

  3. Funny and very creative!

  4. William says:

    Hi Jarom,
    Glad to do this with you. My Twitter ID: @wmlulow:twitter I have a new blog at that is posted each weekday. 

  5. Lolingamoi says:

    Fantastic is all I can say for now!

  6. Deborah Burman Carasso says:

    That was very funny. 

    Deborah Carasso
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  7. fmnjewel says:


  8. Brad Paul says:

    i liked your vidio very much and have returned your like .Liza Paul

  9. Larry Reed says:

    Good Job Jarom!!

  10. Funny video!   I do not know how it was technically done so you must be doing something in front of that computer.   

  11. chandan says:

     nice video man quite funny too,,,,

  12. kkcoolj says:

    Nice video.  Mine features a guy that pushes paralysis by analysis.  I hate that inner critic.

  13. Shekar says:

    Its more creative and awesome video

  14. Adamclerman says:

    Adam C Lerman

    Thanks for the connection!  Great video!

  15. Carbonmedical says:

    Wildest dream was: I was at a convention in a big city, and went senile. I couldn’t remember or find my motel. Then I woke up. Hope it wasn’t a prophetic dream. lol

  16. Maynevp says:

    The entrepreneur can counter balance these self doubts with
    a good network of advisors.

  17. Laurenketch says:

    I love this.! You are so honest too. I think everyone has these thoughts, they just don’t want to say them out loud. LOVE.

  18. Elena says:

    My biggest dream may seem wild to some, but is a dream I believe everyone has. I dream of building my essential oils business so big that we no longer need help from anyone, have our mortgage paid off, a huge retirement savings, and enough money to go on big vacations with my  family, own a second car, and donate to anyone we feel needs our help.

  19. Carathegimp says:

    Good video, Jer!  So creative!

  20. Dave says:

    The bathroom scene was the best.  Funny and true stuff.  Great job!

  21. Mo says:

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  22. Raeleen90 says:

    So very true, sounds just like my Imp 🙂

  23. Margie Mintz says:

    I like the raincoat!

  24. Out of this world J, I mean really way out, but true,,..

  25. Doug says:

    LOL, Great Job!  So true though. 

  26. Vwrona says:

    Very funny….and so true. Nicely done!

  27. Liu says:

    Hi Jarom,
    Your video is quite entertaining.  I’m so excited to see the end result.  Cheers!!!!!!

  28. Keith says:

    Awesome video dude!  It’s what a lot of us entrepreneurs feel and think and even hear from friends and family occasionally.

  29. Richard Baltar says:

    That video parelleled  my first 18 months. It take time to get those aha moment

  30. Richard Baltar says:

     Hope everyone is doing great today!

  31. ShermanMajors says:

    so funny,but so realistic.

  32. Wickel says:

    Your video is awesome!  Very creative and funny!

  33. Viv Samuels says:

    Awesome job!! Trust me, we all got one of those!

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  35. Paul E. Hendricks says:

    Freakin awesome!

  36. Matthew Talbot-Turner says:

    The ending was awesome. Quotable for sure. Good luck.

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