The Most Powerful Way To Motivate Yourself To Work Harder

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When You Aren’t Feelin’ It

Need to work harder, but your not feelin’ it?  Would you rather surf some (almost) porn pictures?  Want to, once and for all, motivate yourself to work harder?

Well, just read through this quick post and you will discover the one most powerful tool to motivating yourself.  No outside help necessary!


The Bullshit That Doesn’t Work

Don’t listen to some cheesy “Just say YES!” motivational speaker.  Skip the Stewart Smalley mirror affirmations. And for God’s sake, don’t blast “Eye of The Tiger.”  OK. . . maybe a little Rocky victory dance, but just a little.

Those superficial techniques may get your blood flowing for a few minutes, but just like a sugar high the energy fades fast.  Then you are back to the soda fountain for fill up on another five minute burst of effort. Instead you need to use a method of self motivation. You need to write yourself a Git -R- Done Letter.

The Git-R- Done Letter

Larry the Cable Guy got it right. . . just git-r-done.  But, how?  With a letter.  A letter you write to yourself.  A letter that you write to yourself when you are having an up day.  A letter you write when you are cranking away and feeling fully motivated.

Write a letter to your future “unmotivated self” that is to be opened and read when you are feeling your worst.  In the letter explain the vision that has you motivated.  Write to yourself that it is normal to feel more motivated at times and less on others.  Write that you understand that the unmotivated feeling you have now is just temporary, and that the motivated you would be grateful if you get through just one thing today.  Then tomorrow that you go for it with all that you’ve got.

If you are feeling unmotivated the next day, read the letter again and follow the “just do one thing” instruction and keep repeating hour after hour, and day after day, until you get out of your funk.

Once you are motivated again, write yourself another Git-R-Done Letter about how you successfully pulled yourself out of your unmotivated phase and that the next time you feel unmotivated to again follow the “just one thing” instruction.

If You Are Unmotivated Right Now

What if you are unmotivated right now?  What if you don’t have that first Git-R-Done Letter for you to read right now?!?!

Just start writing it, now.  You will find that writing the letter is a great diversion that, shockingly, gets your motivated again.  And if that doesn’t work,  put on boxing gloves, crank up  “Eye of The Tiger,” dance around your office, and then immediately get to writing your letter.

I would love to hear your Git-R-Done Letter.  Share yours in the comments below, and be sure to come back and read it every time you feel unmotivated.



35 thoughts on “The Most Powerful Way To Motivate Yourself To Work Harder”

  1. Usually, when I’m not motivated, it’s because I think things aren’t going well, or because I’m thinking that whatever I have to do is no fun. I’m telling myself all the reasons why I don’t want to do whatever is on my agenda. In my Git-R-done Letter, (that I will get motivated to write sometime soon), I will remind me to ask myself the “right” questions. Meaning, to ask myself “what’s going right?” What is right about my business, my life, my results? And then focus on what’s right for lots of positive, motivating energy.

  2. Mike I also believe that the success log, the log where you write all of your triumphs will also help you get through the tough times. I really like the letter dea presented here (which by the way I have never heard before any where else) because it’s a lot more intimate and personal. It’s kind of like the best friend letter approach.

    1. Edwin – You know, I tried a success log. Writing down everything from small to big. Anything that was a success…. and it DID NOT work for me. I know that sounds crazy.

      What I found was that writing down my frustrations worked well, because it served as an outlet. It was a form of relief.

      When it came to success… I simply started writing it in the method above. To encourage me when I was down. And that worked.

      Tell me more about your success log. I want to see how it worked for you.

  3. 2 years ago I wrote down 100 things I wanted to accomplish the following year – I actually forgot about it and here 2 years later I find it. As I read through it I marked off the goals completed and realized how far I have come. It was a great motivator for me to keep moving and make another list of things to be accomplished in the next year to come.. I will also try letter to self.. Thanks so much Mike.

  4. When I’m not motivated, I go for ice cream. Yes, you heard me right! Since I work out of my house I never leave the office. I force myself to go out at lunch, but I usually just grab a quick sandwich or some fast food and its back to the grind stone. So, every couple of days, when I begin to feel claustrophobic and unmotivated I stop and head out for ice cream.

    It always seems to work.

  5. Great post! Thanks, Mike. I’m about to Get-R-Done writing the letter right now. Also, looking forward to listening to “The Pumpkin Plan” on on 9/5/12 when my next credit comes up. Can’t wait!

  6. Dear Jill,
    Soooo, you’re
    unfocused, scattered, frittering away the time today. It happens to
    the best of us….especially self-employed folks like you who manage their own schedules. FIRST, don’t beat yourself up. That creates BAD ENERGY. But you can (even if not beat yourself up)
    decide to start kicking your own butt. You need to.

    Here are some things you CAN do:

    Fix your energy:

    See if you need a break or you need an energy re-fill or
    re-set. If so, STOP.

    Get up…move around, take a quick walk…do some dancing, tai
    chi warm-ups, some quick spins on the elyptical….grab a green tea….green
    smoothie whatever and settle back down.

    Eliminate distractions:

    Move your computer, or move you. DO NOT open internet, email
    or soc. media

    If all else fails, Grab your Mac and go to Starbucks.

    Constrain your time:

    Look at your TOP A-items to get done and pick one. Something that you NEED to do and/ or have
    been procrastinating on….NEED TO DO…..that’s an A. OR start with a quick hit, fun item to feel good about
    completion and THEN move onto the A-priority one, even if it is nasty.

    (It is WAY nastier to get through another day seeing that
    you did not make a dent in an important project.)

    Commit to working on something for the next 45 – 60 minutes.
    And commit to what it is exactly that you want to complete. Be specific.

    Dive In!!!

    Give yourself a reward for being productive. Take a little break between accomplishments….

    Call a friend or write a friendly email. Or make a limited
    trip to facebook or linkedin…

    You can do this. Just do it.

  7. I
    like your method because the key to beating unmotivation is “action”.
    Action begets more action, and suddenly you’re rocking and rolling.
    A little action snowballs into massive action.

    My Git-R-Done message to myself is very simple:
    “Jarom–look at your to-do list and start on the top item right now.”

    Works like a charm.

  8. I am in the process of reading a ton of words for the business I am working on right now. Sooooooo……I have placed pictures up on the wall of the people I am building my business for, I also have photos of places I want to travel to when all the headaches are behind me, even for a few minutes. I am a visual person. Writing a letter to myself is not enough for these long unmotivating days, I need to see the reason I am working so hard.

    1. OK…. share some more deets on this Ann. Are any of the pictures “unmotivating”. Do you ever look at one, and just had a bad call with them or something and are not liking them at the moment.

      Just want to know if this ever has backfired on you?

  9. When I’m feeling focused and motivated I write myself a huge long to-do list. The list has everything on it from walk the dogs to finish the book. When I’m feeling stuck I choose one thing from the list to take action on, it doesn’t matter how big or small, just something I know I will do and that creates momentum. I find when I’m stuck momentum is more important than direction and its easier to change direction when I have momentum. I like your letter idea as well. I will definitely use it.

      1. Sorry, I should’ve mentioned that the “rule” with this list is I can only do a max of 6 things from it every day. And the list contains things that are really easy like walk the dog or wash the car as well as the big action steps that are bring ing my goal closer. What I find is that when I’m stuck I can’t really figure out what I need to do next – my brain is either swamped (in overwhelm) or empty (exhausted). My list gives me a simple way of saying “Yes, I can do that one thing!” so I can regain momentum. OK I feel a blog post coming on – so I won’t take up too much space on yours 🙂

        1. That is a great point. Thank you! And…. as a little bonus piece of good fortune, YOU GOT THE BOOK COMING! Please email me your physical mailing address (Mike (at) Mike Michalowicz *dot* com) and I will get ‘er in the mail to you…. thank you for the link.

  10. Dear Venus,

    I love you and I know you are doing your absolute best. It’s ok to be tired and discouraged. That is part of the process. But here is what I want you to remember: you have done more with less. You are a champion who champion others. Your life matters and you life inspires others to not only keep going, but to soar.

    So today, my beloved precious one, be gentle with you and don’t try to do it all at once. What 3 actions could you take today which would make you proud of you? 1. Contact the SMU Dean of entrepreneurs and invite him to your live event; 2. Write the worksheet for your online bootcamp in such a way your clients can easily implement, and 3. go read Mike’s blog and let yourself be inspired by his integrity and authenticity. Beautiful. Now which one will you do? Inspiration? Great. Let’s start there, and if you feel good afterward, be willing to take another action that inspires you.

    I love you Venus. You are doing great and I am sooooooooooooooooo very proud of you for not giving up, not backing down, and getting what you need to fulfill your destiny. Remember: the world needs you. There are millions of people praying for what only you can provide. And you are doing it girl!! You are doing it! And I am so proud of you. Thank you for not giving up. You are absolutely extraordinary…

    With all the love my heart can hold…

  11. The article is real inspiring one self. But many people have been failing on different businesses due to lack of motivation and social factors which influence them.What are the best techniques should they rely on???

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