The Next Knock At The Door

It is the achilles heel of every struggling entrepreneur. We answer the next knock at the door.

The next prospect that seeks service (and has some money in their hand) gets serviced. Even if what they want isn’t truly what we are good at. It’s money after all.

The next customer who needs a product we don’t make (but can if we stop making what we are good at making, for a while) gets the product they want. It’s money after all.

The next client who will hire us only if we include a service that we have no clue about gets what they want. Even though we will lose money (and lot’s of it) trying to figure it out. And even though we will never do that service again (albeit we will convince ourselves that we will). It’s money after all.

Doing anything for money sounds awfully a lot like prostitution.

Stop answering ever knock at the door. Only serve the prospects, customers and clients that you can serve extraordinarily well, doing an extraordinarily specific thing.


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