10 Reasons Why NextCon is the Best Business Conference of 2016 (+ free tickets)

Quick: When was the last time you received an email inviting you to a business conference? Last month? Last week? Twice since starting this blog post?

I’m with you. There are thousands of business conferences available to professionals across all industries, and with so many to choose from it can be difficult to decide which to attend. I’ve been to countless conferences over the past 20+ years and can now decipher the good from the bad from the downright ugly. My list of criteria for an worthwhile conference is long, but includes the following:

⦁ Clear takeaways for participants (what can I do TODAY to help my business?)

⦁ Mind-expanding sessions (I want topics to challenge me and make me think of things from a different perspective)

⦁ Top-notch speakers (even better if they have decades of business experience under their belts)

⦁ Networking opportunities (you never know when/where you might meet your next client)

Are you looking for a business conference to round out 2016? If so, I have the perfect one for you. It meets all of my criteria, and—full disclosure—I’ll be speaking during two of the sessions. Its called NextCon and it is a business strategy conference slated for Nov. 14-16 at the Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. The event is for businesspeople of all types and will—per my criteria—offer tons of clear takeaways to help make your lives more productive and meaningful at the office.

Why should you go? Here are 10 solid reasons: (read to the end for free tickets!)

⦁ Innovative ideas will pop into your head. ⦁ Guy Kawasaki, the business genius credited with helping Steve Jobs and Apple soar to the top of the market, will be on hand to explain how to innovate during his speech “How to Jump the Innovation Curve.”

⦁ Your sales will improve. My session “Selling Out of the Box: Innovative Strategies to Land the Sale Every Single Time” will include actionable tips on how to improve your sales margins. Be prepared to take notes.

⦁ You’ll become a communications pro. What’s the news on business communications? What trends are out there? Nextiva’s CEO Tomas Gorny will explain in “Shaping the Future of Business Communications.”

⦁ New marketing tactics will come to you. Marketing is all about keeping things fresh, and you will be sure to come away with exciting ideas during “The Next Big Thing in Business Marketing,” with Wistia Co-Founder Brendan Schwartz and #SmallBizLady Melinda Emerson.

⦁ You’ll be inspired to rebrand. Social media has completely disrupted traditional models around branding and marketing. Google’s Chief Evangelist of Brand Marketing Gopi Kallayil will explain what this means for your business.

⦁ Social media will net you customers—right away. Bloguettes Co-Founders Sakura Considine and Lorena Garcia will explain how to use social media to snag sales like never before.

⦁ The term “women in business” will take on new meaning. On Nov. 15th, four female business leaders will share candid stories about challenges they’ve faced and their outlook on the future.

⦁ You’ll get the tools to win a “best places to work” award. On Nov. 16, LinkedIn’s Chief HR Officer Pat Wadors will explain how to keep employee engagement high and create an environment where staffers want to come to work.

⦁ You’ll want to “think small” for big results. Jeff Rodman, the brains behind Polycom (the company that created the star speakerphone), will explain how thinking small resulted in a $2 billion business.

⦁ You’ll get to meet Steve Wozniak. Yes, I saved the best for last. Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak will be giving a keynote address and then meeting members of the crowd (perfect selfie moment!) right afterward. Bring your pen for an autograph.

Interested in joining me at NextCon? I’m giving away 10 free tickets to the first 10 people who email me at mike@mikemichalowicz.com.

See you in Scottsdale!


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