Maximize Your Impact

It’s about passion. It is having a love for what you do. It is about giving a shit.

I met a woman who is a dolphin trainer. She couldn’t stop gushing about how amazing her work is. Communicating with dolphins. Learning their personalities. Connecting. The stories she shared were nothing short of remarkable. And by the time we were done talking, I wanted to experience, even just for a moment, what she does. She has an absolute love for her work, and the energy conveyed to me.

Conversely, there is probably someone in the dolphin training industry, that really doesn’t care for their work. They do it because they have to. The cold water. The squeaky squeak dolphin talk. And the constant, awful smell of buckets full of rotting dead fish. They would struggle to “sell me” on the values of being a dolphin trainer.

Forget all the closing techniques and persuasion tricks. Nothing will ever match the persuasive power of loving what you do.



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