A Secret: The Most Viral Marketing Method Ever

Nothing is as viral. Nothing spreads as fast. And nothing becomes the talk of the town (and the internet) as quickly as a secret. Gossip and whispers existed well before the Internet. The only thing that has changed, is that the gossip now happens even faster.

Keep It Secret

If you want the word to spread on what your business is doing, simply make it a secret. Tell a few people (your best customers). Ask them to keep it secret. And let them take it from there.

Make your formula secret. Host a secret, underground event. Have a secret message for the fan who plays your album backwards. Have a secret hack to your game. Have a secret handshake.

Reward your fans for finding your secrets by giving them more secrets. They will gladly spread the word without you ever asking. In fact, the more you ask them to withhold the secret, the more aggressively they will spread it. Welcome to the human condition. Use it to your advantage, entrepreneur.

P.S. I have one request. This technique is powerful, so I want to keep it secret (in other words, just for my loyal blog readers). Let’s keep this little technique between me and you, shall we? Thanks!




7 thoughts on “A Secret: The Most Viral Marketing Method Ever”

  1. Hi Mike, I would be interested to see any examples you could quote to try to gauge the effectiveness of this approach. Thanks Garry

    1. A security company (the ones that have security personnel at the entrance of buildings – the guys typically in a blue uniform that go unnoticed), changed the uniforms from that blue shirt, blue pants, to a business suit with sun glasses and an attache case. People started to think that the FBI or CIA was protecting the building. There weren’t CIA of course, but the secret was planted. End result is the building became the talk of the town and occupancy increased. It became an integrated marketing mechanism.

        1. I think you are right. I do see it play out over and over again. Rock albums did it with their secret messages. I mean if you didn’t listen to Stairway To Heaven backwards, you didn’t know the true message of the song… so the loyalists like me bought 10 copies of the album in all different formats (45, 33, tape, etc… to get the message and destroy some albums in the process).

          Amex used secrecy with the Black Card. Something they denied even existed for years.

  2. Spread the most classic secret, the supreme grand secret of the “lodge”, which, thanks to modern medicine, can be printed on a bumper sticker: VAGAL STIMULATION IS AS EFFECTIVE AS LSD. Behind the old “Iron Curtain” there was a disease recognized that is
    deceitfully diagnosed to be schizophrenia in the West. It was called “shamans’
    disease” and is caused by scar tissue in the parasympathetic (muscarinic)
    nervous system. This nervous system is called “muscarinic” after the hallucinogenic drug
    muscarine, found in the fly animita mushroom; and, muscarine doesn’t cross the
    blood brain barrier. It works by exciting the whole muscarinic nervous system
    and thereby overriding the inhibitory neurons in the brain. But, it is unpopular
    in the West due to the way it excites the digestive system.
    This has been kept secret by those who cash in on this secrecy, occult
    secrecy. In yoga, the plexuses of the muscarinic nervous system are called
    chakras, presented to the common people as “spiritual wheels of light along the
    spine”, but they are not in the spine, they are the major plexuses of the
    parasympathetic nervous system in the body.
    This muscarinic nervous system stimulation is called “kundalini” in yoga,
    and when yoga students reach the degree where they are allowed to know the truth
    about their own bodies they must sign contracts of secrecy.
    So, your children may have only acquired scar tissue in their
    parasympathetic nervous systems, which can be treated medically other ways, but,
    there are dopamine blockers to be sold, and, special interests want to keep
    their profitable secrets.
    Of course one international organization is behind this, a well known
    secret society, whose “temple” represents the human body, and whose “holy of
    holies” represents where the largest muscarinic nerve, the vagus nerve, emerges
    from the brain into the body in the nasopharynx.
    LSD used to be used to carry out a horrible treatment called the
    “Clockwork Orange” treatment. Here the victim has over 50% of the brain awakened
    consciously for use. It is called by “Grof Transpersonal”, “perinatal matrix three”, and
    here the victim experiences all the sufferings of people shown in a film by
    going backward and forward in time to inhabit each and every body shown,
    experiencing their torments as real as life.
    Today this is being done by exciting the parasympathetic nervous system by
    “waterboarding”. It was mentioned in an article about this, in a popular news magazine, that “efforts were made to have the water irritate the nasopharynx”, where the main trunk of the
    vagus nerve emerges from the brain, proceeding down into the body.
    Crucifixion also causes so much muscarinic nervous system stimulation that
    the victim will body switch into everyone he knows. God knows everyone, so it is
    known that Jesus Christ is in you and I and everyone this way.
    When a “schizophrenic” patient has more that 50% of the brain consciously awakened (it (it shows on an MRI) they are catatonic, but they are out body switching into every
    one and every character they have seen, even in every movie they ever saw. Less severe
    schizophrenic symptoms occur with brain use percentages less than 50%.
    The solution, to establish better treatment for our children, and fellow man, is to spread
    this knowledge to common public knowledge.

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