Be Consistent With Your Immutable Laws

Your immutable laws are what make you (and your business) distinct. They are the rules that you play by. When you fully adhere to your immutable laws, your clients, your vendors, your employees, your website all revolve around that theme. It is the ultimate in consistency, and the world notices.

Consider Berkshire Hathaway for a moment. It is the 5th largest company on the Fortune 500 list.  Their immutable laws clearly include “simple,” “thrifty,” “no-flash,” and “get the job done right.”

Now, visit their website:

Not what you would expect from a Fortune 500, let alone one in the top five. Right?

But it is exactly what you would expect from a company that is unabashedly true to itself. One that adheres to it’s immutable laws. And that is exactly why it is in the top five.


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