Become A Student Of Yourself

Write a few business books and people start asking the secret to success. I am flattered every time I am asked and have always been at the ready with a clever response. But then I noticed my responses were varying. So I obliged myself to find the answer.

The problem is success is a nebulous concept. Even when it is defined, every person is so unique that no single path brings success. So I thought.

Then one day, I found it. The one path to success, regardless of how it is defined and who is pursuing it. It is something that has been taught forever, but few know. Don’t expect to be knocked over with what you are about to hear. But if you apply it, fully expect to be knocked over.

Be a student of yourself.

Endeavor to master yourself. It will take your life time, yet the rewards are endless. Self mastery guarantees success. Surprised? I didn’t think so.


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