Big Hits vs. Little Hits

Losers bet on the big hit. Millions lineup for the massive lottery ticket. Millions will spend one dollar and one minute buying a ticket, hoping to get rich. Thousands will try out for American Idol, waiting in line for ten hours and singing for ten seconds, to finally get discovered.

Winners bet on little hits. They don’t spend a minute trying to win millions, they spend a lifetime ensuring they will make millions. They don’t hang their livelihood on one day’s effort and three judges, they hang their livelihood on the effort they make every day. (And winners judge themselves.)

Winners relentlessly pursue little hit after little hit. And sometimes, one day, one of those little hits just goes crazy big. But it doesn’t matter. All those little hits add up to a big hit anyway.


2 thoughts on “Big Hits vs. Little Hits”

  1. I want to hear your stories. Have you gone for big hits and missed? Have you hit some? Have you gone for the small ones? How many of those have you hi? How much have they pushed your business forward?

  2. My recent big hit – that makes me feel more connected to the universe – involves converting and hearing music from 440 Hz musical pitch into 432 Hz. You can hear the difference for yourself:
    Before 1940 the International musical pitch was 432 Hz. But studies and researches have been made – to find a musical pitch that induces fear and aggression and scientists came to the conclusion that the 440 Hz musical pitch serves their needs the best. So now we have the standard ISO of 440 Hz all over the world…. But it is still possible to tweak the available music from 440 Hz into the 432 Hz pitch.
    As you have written – small hits add together – and attract other hits. The chaos theory is always on the side of people who get 1% better every single day.

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