Brussels Sprouts Are Back!

Remember when Brussels sprouts were the bane of super? Your mom would surprise you with those mini cabbages, and you would try to hide them under your potatoes.

Brussels sprouts sucked. At least they did back then. Now they are having a great come back.

The pattern of old becoming new happens over and over again. The old Mustang design from the 60’s came back in modern form. Small houses are slowly coming back into vogue. And the once lame Brussels sprout, because of a few new tasty recipes, is dominating the grocers vegetable isle. What is old is new again.

What is old in your industry? What is no longer cool? What could be freshened up with a different recipe, a different vantage point or different technology. Seek out the old and make it new. It will serve you (and your wallet) well.


7 thoughts on “Brussels Sprouts Are Back!”

    1. I love brussel sprouts, call me weird. For me it was the canned spinach. Yeck!

      These are some good “food for thought” provoking questions. Thanks!

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