How To Build Powerful Rapport With Your Clients

Have you have ever wondered how it is that some of your competitors seem to always be in harmony with their clients, while others fight to stay in their good graces? There is a good reason for this, and the sooner you learn it and put it into action, the better off your business will be. The key to building irresistible rapport with your clients lies in tonality!

Tone What?

So right now you are scratching your head and wondering what tone has to do with your clients, especially if you are not talking to them face-to-face or over the phone. Sure, it matters there, but this is where most businesses go wrong. Tonality matters in every area of your business, not just where your actual voice is concerned!

Tonality is making sure that you have the same consistent voice throughout everything you do. Whether it is on your website, through video communication, or through an e-mail, it is essential that your voice be consistent throughout.

Tonality is the key to building rapport, which is the foundation for creating a base of prospects, clients, and more. When people see that your tonality is consistent, regardless of what you are doing, it will build trust. They will get you and like you, and they will be receptive to your message.

Take mine for example. Anyone that follows my e-mail messages, website or videos, knows that my message is always consistent. It’s one that involves the use of a lot of humor (hey, at least I think it’s funny) and a lot of direct, raw comments about business. People have come to know and expect that as my tonality, and for the most part, they appreciate it. Those who don’t send me hate mail from time to time and go on their own merry way. My core followers know my tonality, and they trust that it’s always the same. And with the consistency, to people who appreciate the style, comes about trust – the basis for business success. This is the same thing that you need to do with your business!

Creating Tonality

Have you ever thought about what the tone of your business is? If not, now is the time! You can discover it through your values and what you think is significant and important. Going back to myself as an example, I think humor is important, so I use it a lot. But I also believe in being real, raw and edgy (you can get a sense for my style in the videos I produce.) Again, I also make that part of my consistent tone. By using consistent tonality and adhering to my own core values, I resonate with a customer base, prospects, and followers that like it.

To have irresistible rapport, you will need to determine your tonality and be absolutely consistent with it. Another example, with my business Obsidian Launch, we design behavioral websites for businesses. One of the most important things we do is to make sure we get the tone right. We help our customers achieve tonality through their site’s content and presentation, and in turn, we get great feedback about how we hit the mark so well.

Seeing it Through

If you put some time and effort into creating your company’s tonality, it will pay off. If you do it right, you will get good feedback, build rapport with your prospects and clients, and your message will resonate with people. Having rapport with your clients and prospects is about being in harmony with them. By making tonality a high priority in your business, you will be well on your way to building irresistible rapport with clients and prospects alike!

So before you send out that next e-mail message or record that next video or even leave the next voicemail, determine your business tone and then put it in action. Consistently put out that same tone and notice the positive difference it makes! It, quite frankly, is irresistible.


1 thought on “How To Build Powerful Rapport With Your Clients”

  1. This was awesome Mike and a lesson that took me time to learn from experience of trying to be everything to everybody. It was uncomfortable and unreal and impacted growth.

    Hope the holidays were great and wishing entrepreneurial successes in 2014 ~ Mike

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