Build The Sidewalks After The Paths Are Discovered

This is a picture (thanks to Google Maps) of the Virginia Tech drillfield, the center of campus. All the students living in dorms cross the drillfield every day to get to classes on the other side.  The grey lines you see, crossing the drillfield are the sidewalks. The tan ones are paths made by students.

It is interesting what you learn after the fact.  The students (consumers) will blaze the paths that are most convenient for them. Yet the school had already invested in the sidewalks, and for years have let students walk the (sometimes muddy) paths.  Neither the school (who spent money on sidewalks that are not fully utilized) nor students (who walk muddy or dusty paths) are happy.

Your customers are likely experiencing the same. Just because you built a process, does not mean it is the right process. Watch the “path” your customers are walking first. Then pave it for them

The Drillfield At Virginia Tech_picmonkeyed


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