Build Your Brand Around Your Natural Voice

Eddie Money versus Eddie Vedder.

Eddie Money sings falsetto, which loosely translates to “fake voice.” It sounds great, when it works. But only in the rarest exception can a falsetto voice be sustained forever. At a certain point our vocal chords can’t hold out any more and our voice cracks. As Eddie Money gets older, he struggles with his falsetto.

Eddie Money versus Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder sings in his natural voice. It too sounds great, when it works. And a natural voice can be sustained forever. The vocal chords don’t give in, because its their natural setting. The sound is exactly how it was always intended, so it always works.

I am not suggesting who the better singer is or has bigger hits (cough. Eddie Vedder. cough. cough.) To each his own. But what I am suggesting is that Eddie Money can never get his voice back. Minus an unforeseen tragedy, Eddie Vedder will never lose his.

We can only be an “unnatural” voice for so long before it cracks. Let your brand be your natural voice – the real you. It is the only way to sustain.



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