Building Trust with Prospective Clients

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People prefer to do business with other people (or things) who they know, like and trust. It makes sense. But how do you ever compete with established, big companies like Amazon that pretty much everyone knows, likes (well maybe not likes) and trusts. Surprisingly, it’s easy. You do it by achieving greater frequency.

Frequency is simply the number of times your prospect sees you or your brand during a specific period of time. More is better here. Our reptilian brains are hardwired to automatically trust things that we experience more often. We may not like something that we experience frequently (think beeping smoke alarm), but we definitely know it and trust it (to happen every 30 seconds).

Once you win the know and trust game via frequency, you have achieved the critical awareness you need for prospects to determine if they like you.

So, the next time your business is facing the Amazon of your industry, concentrate your efforts in a small concentrated area (location or niche) where you can have a far more frequent presence. You will become top of mind with those prospects, and in the driver seat to win the “like” game.


3 thoughts on “Building Trust with Prospective Clients”

  1. It was a quick and a beautiful read. I didn’t understood exactly what you meant by frequency? How is it possible that the prospect sees you? Do you mean online marketing here or availability or off page advertising ? Or how is it relatable to normal people.

  2. I have always followed one golden rule that I learned from my mentor: never make your prospective client feel that you’re in a rush to land his gig. This one simple rule has worked wonders each and every time.

  3. Hi Mike just across your blog, apologies if I’m a bit late to the table with this… Have to say you are exactly right! More visibility does certainly help.

    I have to say though if they are looking to switch from one of the bigger companies one of the main questions to ask is WHY? If you understand this you can re-shuffle your business proposition to accommodate this and really appeal to what they are looking for.

    Yes visibility does count in most cases. But in the case where your competing with a business giant and you’re just starting out – you’ve got to be realistic, you’re never going to get as much exposure as the big brand and it’s not worth overthinking it. You have to play to your strengths – if you’re small, providing you are capable of handling your customers needs, you might be able to come across as providing a higher level of customer service. Which might actually be exactly why your customer is looking to move from a big brand.

    Look forward to more of these post Mike!

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