Business Applications for Facebook On The Rise

You know all about how companies have been using mobile applications to help boost their bottom line. Now, get ready for Facebook applications to be the next big thing! Development of Facebook applications is on an uptick and you will want to get in on it from the start. If you have been avoiding getting involved in Facebook, now is the time to set your differences aside and write an app (or three)!

Those businesses that have not yet plugged in to all that is the Facebook phenomenon, may be wondering what all the hoopla is about. Fair enough! But once you get the low down on what is going on , it just makes sense to get your business connected and start reaping the rewards.

Facebook has over half a billion people that actively use the site. And on any given day, half of those people log into their accounts. The numbers get even more convincing when you look at the way people use applications on the site. The users on the site collectively install 20 million applications each day!

Now that you know the audience is there, you will need to consider the types of applications. The great thing is that you don’t even need to develop (or hire someone to develop) your own application, you can use what is already out there to get started. Just do a Google search for “Facebook Applications” and you will find hundreds, if not thousands to choose from.

Right now there is a variety of ready, out-of-the-box, applications that can help your business sales. Here’s what you can take advantage of:

– Videos, notes, testimonials, and conference calls.
– Complete shopping carts abilities, with checkout and payment systems linked to Paypal. Using features like this, there are even businesses that are setting up pop-up stores for limited periods of time and cashing in!
– Slide shares, business cards, and the ability to link to other social media sites.
– Blog promotion, polls, file management, fan pages, networks, storefronts, carpooling, groups, event notifications, and invitations.
– Plus, so much more!

There are so many different ways for you to bridge the gap between your business and your customers by using a Facebook application. If you can dream up a way to reach customers through the web, there is likely a Facebook application that can help you reach that goa.

The good news is that using Facebook applications are quite cost effective. The biggest thing you may put into trying them out is some time. Many of the applications are free or low cost. Just do a search for applications, and you will find a variety of them to meet your every business need!

Here’s the dealio – there is a good chance that with half a billion people being on Facebook that a lot of your potential customers are there as well. So that means you want to be there. And if you are going to be there, you may as well find ways to make your presence more effective. Applications are the way to do just that. Master the use of the Facebook applications, and you will have a low-cost marketing tool on your hand that can be used to reach the masses!

If your company is not yet on Facebook, consider signing up. Whether you are there already or you will just be setting up a page, make the most of it by tapping into the resources that are available to you in the form of applications. You just never know where they may take you!


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