Different, In Any Category, Gets Noticed

The hottest meme (an idea or behavior that gets copied or imitated by people, over and over again) in the last month or so, has been on Twitter with the CVS sales receipt.

When something is different than expected, it gets noticed. In this case it is the longest sales receipt ever. But the tiniest receipt ever, the size of a postage stamp perhaps, would get noticed too. So would one chiseled into metal. Or stone. Or ice.

Regardless of the category, different, strange, unexpected, weird, atypical, odd, bizarre, unfamiliar – all get noticed. Some of them, if they are lucky, get talked about a lot. A real lot. If a meme can occur around a sales receipt, it surely can occur around something in your business.

Trigger the next meme.

Trigger the next meme


2 thoughts on “Different, In Any Category, Gets Noticed”

  1. People definitely notice different. In the age of the internet where everything is seen and repeated in seconds, this is a hard thing to achieve, but when you do – people pay attention

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