The “It’s Easy” Sucker Punch

If anyone tells you that “. . .it’s easy, just follow my formula,” they’re throwing you a sucker punch.

If anyone tells you “I am living the easy life, and you can too. Just buy my system,” they are lying.

Every successful person has, and continues to work their ass off to get where they are. Yes, they may have a formula or a system or a process. And it may even be great. But it will never be easy. You still need to apply your efforts 100%.

But what about those rich folks that have been given money through inheritance? Aren’t they successful and got there the easy way. No. They’re not successful.

Success is doing what you love, going all in on it, and sowing the results. And the only way to achieve true success is by working your ass off (and loving it the whole way).

An Easy Sucker Punch


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