Fat Guys In The Woods’ Knife Rig (Hosted by Creek Stewart)

A great product lesson comes from The Weather Channel’s wildly popular TV show, Fat Guys In The Woods. The show features survival expert, Creek Stewart, as he demonstrates to the three “fat guy” participants techniques necessary to survive outdoors with only a knife and their own wit and skills. Throughout the show Creek Stewart carry’s his favorite survival knife and sheath. The knife is an Ontario Blackbird SK-5 Survival Knife (this link is for the Noir model.  It also comes in a non-coated stainless steel version). The sheath is the Hedgehog Leatherworks’ Blackbird SK-5 Advanced Sheath.

Fat Guys In The Woods
Photo credit: The Weather Channel, Fat Guys In The Woods

The product lesson? It’s simple. Superior products market themselves.

Both the Ontario Blackbird SK-5 knife and Hedgehog Blackbird SK-5 sheath were designed by survival gear designer and owner of Hedgehog Leatherworks, Paul Scheiter. The Ontario SK-5 knife was featured as a Field & Stream product of the year.

Ontario Blackbird SK5
Photo credit: Rocky Mountain Bushcraft

The Hedgehog SK-5 sheath is world renowned for its classic, unique design, as well as its extremely rugged, “built like a tank” toughness.

Hedghog Blackbird SK5 Sheath
Photo credit: Hedgehog Leatherworks

If you want the word to get out about your own products, the lesson for you is simple too:

Create a product that is such good quality and so remarkable on its own merits that everyone (including television shows) feature it.


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