Fill The Gas Tank The Night Before

Sometimes when I am driving home, after a late night at work, I notice that my car is low on gas. I then consider if I should I fill it up now, even though I am so tired. Or just wait until tomorrow and do it when I am charged up.

Occasionally I have filled it up at night. Other times I have done it the next day. But I have found that I should always fill the tank the night before.

When morning arrives and my energy is recharged, it weighs on my mind that I need to take a break from being productive to get the tank filled. Or sometimes as I hustle out the door I am rudely reminded of the empty tank as the car gas indicator chirps.

What are the things you do for your business that are necessary to fuel you forward? Do those things in advance. So when you start your day, the next day, it is all about driving forward without any distraction.

Fill 'Er up


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