First in Gets The Respect

The first business in a new territory gains the respect. Take Uber for example. Uber was the first in the crowdsourced personal transportation space – the first alternative to taxis. Lyft was next in line and they didn’t inherently gain the respect and notoriety that Uber gained, due to the fact that Uber already made their mark within this territory. The first one in, by default, gets the respect of the community.

This “first in gets the respect” protocol is hardwired within all species’ psyches when it comes to claiming, or dominating, a territory. Lion-tamers psychologically control lions using this strategy. Trainers always enter the lion ring first within full sight of the lions. In doing so, they establish themselves as the owner of the domain (not the lions). This is reinforced by shouting, stomping, and cracking the whip. It causes the lion to respond with respect for the tamer; it impresses them.

If you have an opportunity to be first in the market – make it known: Crack the whip, stomp your feet! When you make your presence known, you will subconsciously gain the community’s respect over all the alternatives. A very good position to be in.


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