5 Easy Ways To “Go Green” In Your Business

You have probably heard it before, even if you have tried to turn a deaf ear. We are sucking up resources faster than the world can keep pace. Everything from the amount of energy we use to what we throw away at the end of the day. It may be out of site, out of mind, but really it’s sitting in a landfill somewhere clogging up the land.

So whether you consider yourself a tree hugger or not, now is the time to take steps to get your business to be greener. And hey, if helping the planet isn’t enough, as a bonus you may earn some brownie points with your customers. Not to mention, you will probably feel pretty good that you are doing your part.

Here are 5 easy ways to get your business to go green:

1. Toilet Talk.

We take it for granted and use it several times per day, but the toilet can be a major source of waste. No, really! As in a waste of water, that is. Not only is too much water flushed down the toilet with each flush, but there are also leaks that we usually don’t even notice. The green fix? Consider the new SinkPositive toilet system, which adds a small hand washing basin on to the top of your toilet tank. Clean water comes out to wash your hands, yet it drains down into the toilet, providing the water for the next use. This will save a gallon of water per day.

2. Think Bamboo.

If you haven’t checked out all the products today made of bamboo, now is the time! It is a green material that grows quickly, is very resilient, and can be used to make many different products. Plus, it looks great! The next time you need office furniture, check out the new bamboo desks; you may not be able to pass up on one.

3. Get Corny.

If you think about your break room or lunch time, you can probably see where a lot of waste happens from paper and plastic plates to plastic utensils. Problem is, all that plastic doesn’t biodegrade; it just sits in a landfill. Instead, opt for corn products. Today there are cool biodegradable utensils that are made of all cornstarch, making them completely compostable. So once they hit the landfill, they will be completely gone in just 3-5 months.

4. Trash Matters.

If you are like most people, you probably never give any thought to trash bags. You buy, you line, you fill, you move on. But did you know that it is estimated that those trash bags take about 1,000 years to biodegrade? That’s what they say. So, there are biodegradable trash bags for which you can opt. They are just as durable, but they break down in just months!

5. Go Natural.

Every business seems to have large energy use bills. But you can help to reduce them in a number of ways, including taking advantage of natural light. Just open up the blinds, let the light in, and see if you can go without the lights on for part of the day. Not only will it save money, but it also creates a less stressful environment.

If you look around your office with a keen eye, you will find a lot of ways that you can go green. Whether it is using recycled copy paper and toilet paper or recycling all your used copy paper, there is something that everyone can do. Keep in mind that you don’t have to get crazy on everyone and become the eco police, but even small changes can add up big. So why not make a few?


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