How To Get Referrals

More referrals mean more business. It is that simple. There are many traditional approaches to getting more referrals, and they work. In fact, at the end of this article you will see my three favorite blogs posts on referral basics. But there is one approach, no one has shared before until… drum roll… now!

The technique is called if-would. Instead of following the traditional pattern of asking for referrals AFTER you provide a service or product to a client, you must ask BEFORE. Sounds a little crazy at first, but when you position it with an if-would, it completely makes sense. Here is exactly what you ask of your customer:

“We are grateful you will be using our product/service. If we prove to be exceptional, would you refer us to three of your contacts?”

This little magical question works wonders for a few reasons. The first thing is that it is easy for your customer to commit to. The second thing is you now have provided them the time to think who to refer you to and how. And the final, little hidden bonus, is you have staged yourself to get feedback on your product or service.

After your deliver your product/service you now say to the customer:

“When we started you said you would refer me to three of your contacts, if I delivered exceptional service. May I have their contact information now?”

Here is how it plays out. Since your customer has given you their word earlier, it is highly likely they will deliver the referrals when you ask. There is a psychology going on here, and to keep it short – just know people, in general, will behave consistently with what they say out loud.

If the customer does not give the referrals, they are telling you loud and clear that your service was not exceptional. At this point you have a bigger issue on your hand then getting a referral, you need to fix a customer service situation.

Try it with your next five customers, and I guarantee you will get 15 referrals… that is unless your service sucks.


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