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  1. Red hot chili peppers? That’s funny. Every time I hear people say “give your best stuff away” that’s the first song that comes into my head. And it’s true. I’ve got one subscriber that’s been with me for 10 years and she’s never bought a single thing from me, but she’s always the first person to tell me my stuff is awesome and sing my praises with others. She’s brought in about 3 new clients per year, and tons of new subscribers. I’m glad to have her.

    1. That is a great example! Here is the next question… have those 3 clients more than made up for the “cost” of giving free stuff, for 10 years, to that one subscriber. I assume yes, but want to make sure.

      1. Well, it’s 3 new clients per year, or about 30 clients. And yes, since the delivery costs are marginal and the content is usually excerpted from my programs (which means it’s essentially re-purposed), there’s very little hard cost in it. So yeah. Definitely worth the investment over the long term. 🙂

  2. Hi Mike, I have an online retail business and I’m constantly being asked for free samples from both vendors and the general public. I do not give free samples to just anyone anymore, as my business cannot afford to do so. I do send samples to businesses inquiring about my product who specifically ask me for samples, in the hopes I will land them as a new wholesale client. The only problem is that often I never hear from these freebie-seekers again (even after contacting them). Maybe they don’t like the product or pricing, but I never know the reason…and I often assume they just wanted a free sample. I am wondering if you have any advice on how to better handle requests for free samples without hurting my business reputation or seeming cheap. My business is too small right now to afford to keep handing out samples for free and I fear that asking vendors to pay for the samples may make my business seem to small or seem unfriendly. I’m getting frustrated with spending money on sending out free samples, so I feel stuck. Thanks for any advice here.

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