Have Great Client Meetings in These 12 Unexpected Places

Holding meetings with clients is a given. At some point just about all entrepreneurs need to meet with their client. But where you meet can make a big difference. So it’s time to challenge yourself and get out of the ordinary and start holding those client meetings in better places than you are used to. Your client will thank you for it!

Making Space
Skip the office, skip the hotel lobby, and for God’s sake never meet with a client again at Starbucks. Instead, pick from this list of unique places to meet that allow some one-on-one time, yet shows that you aren’t the status quo thinker!

1. Library. Meeting at a local library and finding an empty study room is an awesome way to get a meeting done. It’s clean, quiet and free.

2. Boat. Try renting a sailboat or powerboat for your meeting. Get back to nature and have a great one-on-one meeting. Just be sure to take along sunscreen so your client doesn’t go home burned and cursing the excursion.

3. Outdoors. Hold a meeting while sitting around a large fountain. Flowing water brings about a white noise that gets rid of distractions in public settings, and it is relaxing, too!

4. Spa. Rent out a meeting room at the spa. It is relaxing, super quiet and comfortable. Spas often use aromatherapy as well, so you may have the power of natural scents working to help you out in the background.

5. Racetrack. Go to the racetrack and get the excitement flowing through the veins as horses run the track. Build off that excitement to sell to your client.

6. Diner. The greasy diner is a hit, and this old school meeting place is actually back in vogue!

7. Park. Find a nice park or garden where you can meet. Being surrounded by nature is calming and helps you think better.

8. Hike. Invite your client to take a hike. It’s a great way to connect with your client and nature, and it helps to get the blood flowing.

9. Golf. If you need to keep the client’s attention over the long haul, you still can’t beat a round of golf.

10. Universities. There are tons of empty space available at any given time. And there is something special when you are meeting with a client at a school – you feel smarter. My favorite is holding meetings at Princeton.

11. Clients house. Holding a meeting at the clients house is a little risky, so never impose the idea. But it’s fine to offer to make the trek out to them. Some clients like the idea.

12. Your home. People do business with people they know, like and trust. Inviting someone to your home to talk business helps overcome all three of these barriers.

Make it Count
When you get past holding a meeting in your office or the client’s, you will find that you feel more confident, comfortable and engaged. And those things alone will help you be more successful in getting sales. Where you hold your meeting helps to set the mood, so think about what type of tone you want to sent and then plan accordingly.

There is no rule that says meetings must be held in a corner office under fluorescent lights, thank goodness. So get creative, make it interesting, and invite your client to a meeting they will likely find a refreshing break from the ordinary. This will help you seal the deal, as well as help them to find you personally to be interesting, creative, and a break from the ordinary, which is a good thing!


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