Handwritten Notes: The Forgotten Business & Sales Tool

The long forgotten business and sales too - handwritten notes


For Those Who Can’t Read My Handwritten Note

I admit, there is one downside to a handwritten note. . . sucky handwriting can’t be understood.  So, just in case you can’t understand what I wrote, here is the text:


Doing the expected is easy.

Every single competitor of yours is doing the expected. . .

They send a thank you e-mail after the big meeting.

Your thank you e-mail, no matter how well written, is the expected.

In other words it doesn’t stand out.


Send a handwritten note.

It will make you stand out,

and you may just land that big client.

– Mike Michalowicz



6 thoughts on “Handwritten Notes: The Forgotten Business & Sales Tool”

  1. The last handwritten note I got was my grandmother’s Christmas card. I do like the idea of using images instead of text though. Reading your hand writing is far more interesting than reading your typed text.

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