How To Find The Right Customer (It Begins With You)

Quick, list two things you’re really good at. I’m talking rock star good. Something you can knock out of the park every time. Do you have two in mind? Great. You now know exactly what you need to focus on as you build your business.

Everyone has at least one or two God-given talents, whether it’s schmoozing or organizing or whipping up a mean meatloaf. Those strengths hold the key to greatness – or at least a fat bank account – because for you, it’s a no-brainer. You’ve got it in the bag… or oven, as it were.

Just imagine what you could pull off if you felt that way about your business all of the time. Besides, I’m guessing you actually have fun doing the things you do well. Which means you’ll happily do it every single damn day. And as you probably know all too well, you better love it, or you’ll die from stress before you turn a profit.

Too often, entrepreneurs dwell on what they don’t know and don’t have, working diligently to make up for it in the hopes of appealing to a broad market. The giants and everyday heroes of business follow a different philosophy: The right people want exactly what you have.

You’ve already got what it takes. You just have to realize – and remember – that most people do not have your unique combination of strengths, background and experience. People want what you have, you just need to own it and put it out there so that it can be easily consumed. Here’s a five-step blueprint to help you re-frame your thinking, focusing on what you do best and enjoy the most:

Consider your strengths: What do you do well, better than most? Which personality traits are assets? TIP: Having trouble thinking of them yourself? Ask your five closest friends what they feel is the one thing you are best at. After busting your balls, they’ll tell you two.

Recognize what’s working: Which areas of your business are really cooking, ticking along like clockwork? What aspects of your business do you simply love to do?

Identify the benefit: How could your strengths, asset qualities and abilities benefit individuals, businesses, or other consumers? TIP: Think outside the box here. Just because you are an awesome sculptor, doesn’t mean you are stuck with clay. Maybe you can be the world’s best meatloaf sculptor.

Discover your market: Who is your ideal consumer? Who really needs exactly what you have? TIP: The more specific you are, the easier they are to find.

Create the product: How could you package your product or services so that it is easily accessible and the benefits are clear to the consumer?

Successful entrepreneurs capitalize on their strengths and hold fast to authenticity, avoiding the urge to imitate the “it” companies of the moment. When you are 100% true to yourself and your strengths the perfect consumers will come running. And by “perfect” I mean ready, willing, able – and loyal. They’ll be lined up at your door, cash in hand ready to do buy that meatloaf, the one they’ve been waiting for. You’re up for that, right?


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