The Impressionist Art of Conversation

I still don’t have a Kindle, and don’t think I want one. I love the feel of physical books. I love the subtle cracking sound of the spin when I first open a new one. And most importantly I love writing my thoughts on the pages as they come to me.

I envision the authors ideas and my own blending together. Strengthening. A mastermind of sorts. I know. I’m weird. Very weird.

My notes on a page of The Big Moo book

Any who, I wanted to share a thought that came to me as I was reading The Big Moo by Seth Godin. This particular thought was not triggered by what was written, but by the ink on the pages itself. I noticed, after close examination, that the chapter titles were simply a series of closely aligned dots.

The word Where in dots

It got me thinking (as you can see from my notes on that page). When we communicate, we don’t need to fill in every spot. In fact, the small spaces give between the dots give shading and texture. It feels more “human” in a way.

With your own communications, you need to be clear for sure. Just like it is very obvious what this chapter title says, you must communicate with clarity. But you shouldn’t go beyond that. You shouldn’t give so much detail that their is nothing left for texture and shading. Clarity is necessary. Texture is liberating. Excruciating detail is painful.


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