Improve Sales Through Split Testing

If you aren’t familiar with split testing, it is the closet marketers (that’s you) can get to omnipotence.  In other words, it is the scientific method to discovering customer demand.   Instead of guessing what customers and prospects will react to split testing gives you complete clarity by measuring their real world actions.  Do you sell more of your product when the packaging is red or blue?  Simply make both versions, give them unique sku’s and watch what people buy.

Fast Company Split Test Magazine Covers

And you can use split testing for anything:

Advertisements – Just have people respond by calling a different number or going to a different website for each ad.

Packaging – Different packages with different SKU’s for the same stuff.

Websites – Use Google A/B testing to see what elements on your site get the response you want.

And you can even split test magazine covers, just like Fast Company is.  Check out the picture I took above at Newark airport. Same magazine, different colors.

BTW – I bought the blue one.



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