The Interview Method That Finds Great Employees

Most interviews quickly turn into a game of “I’ll tell you exactly how you should respond by simply parroting what I say. OK? OK! Let’s get started…”

You say, “We are looking for someone who is detail oriented and has extraordinary communication skills. Please tell me about your qualifications.”

They say “I am extremely detail oriented and that I have exceptional communication skills. And, I am proficient in Microsoft Word.”

Holy cow! This is the exact candidate you are looking for. “You’re hired!” Only to find out they suck.

Never forget this, human beings are creatures of habit. We repeat patterns. The way we brushed our teeth last year, is likely the exact same way we did it last week. Which is the exact same way we did it this morning. Brushing teeth or brushing up a Word document, we employ the same patterns.
Knowing this, you want to interview candidates for their patterns. Ask them questions about their past behaviors. Not to judge them, but to simply understand their patterns. How did you address this in the past? What did you do in this past circumstance? How about that one?

Look to see their pattern. It is the strongest indicator of how they will act for you.
And if they are proficient at Microsoft Word, that is just the icing on top. Albeit kinda shitty icing.


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