Job, Career or Mission

Most people have a job. It is volatile. It is a means to an end. Their future is in the hands of others. At some point, if you make it, you will leave your job.

Some people have a career – a consistent job.  It too is a means to an end. The future is also in the hands of others. As with a job, at some point, you will elect to leave you career.

A select few have a mission. Of course, it is neither a job nor a career. It is the means and the end. No one can ever take your mission away. And the right mission – one that speaks to your life’s purpose – is one you will never want to let go.


1 thought on “Job, Career or Mission”

  1. This is where I am at. I’ve got a job(ending Dec 31, 2015), I have a marketing business(only one client) and I have dreams to start a new business that is more inline with my mission. Problem always is that dreams don’t pay the bills so I need to either get a new job or grow my business quickly. I won’t let go of that vision. it’s what is driving me to eventually leave these other two endeavors behind(job/career and current business).

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