Make A Prospect Convince Themselves To Buy

Customer Convince Themselves

Change Why So Low?

Have you ever tried the “closing” technique where you ask your prospect to rate their interest in your offering on a 1 to 10 scale? Then when they say their number, you ask them what you can do to make it higher? I hate to tell you, but this sales method doesn’t work. In fact it makes it harder to sell.

Remember this: Prospects will always try to convince themselves of their first thought.

When you ask them what you can do to make their number higher, it is the same as saying “why is your number so low?” You planted an initial thought of a low number and they go ahead and justify it.

If you want to make the customer convince themselves to buy from you, you can still use the rating method, with a little twist.

To Why So High?

Still ask your customer where they stand on a 1 to 10 scale. But this time, when they give you a number, ask them why it is so high. Say something like “From your body language, I was sensing you were at a 4 but you said a 6. Why did you pick a number that is so high?”

You have now planted an initial thought of a high number, and they will convince themselves to buy.




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