The Marketing Flywheel

I am far from an engineer, but I do know a little bit about flywheels (call it a fetish).  Those heavy wheels are hard as hell to turn, at first, but as they gain momentum the energy in them builds.  They become easier and easier to turn. And by constantly adding even the smallest amount of effort into them, they build-up more and more energy.

Marketing is a flywheel too. It is so hard in the beginning. You will expend lots of energy and barely move the market. It’s probably not that your marketing is bad, it is simply that the market is so massive it will take more energy than you have (in the moment) to move it. Yet, like a flywheel, if you put a continual stream of energy into your marketing, you will build more and more momentum. Over time your marketing flywheel will become so powerful that people will notice.

It’s the paradox of marketing. The longer you do it, the easier it gets. That’s all for now. I need to go cuddle with my flywheel.


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