Marketing To Psychographics

Psychographics are used to define persons by their interests, immutable laws, attitudes and experience. Too often we market to demographics alone, the quantifiable parameters of persons such as sex, age and marital status. Marketers get trapped selling to what is going on outside (demographics), ignoring what is going on inside (psychographics).

Just because your top clients are female, between the age of 35 and 55 and married doesn’t mean you have clearly identified their makeup. This is merely a demographic and is not likely representative of a group seeking a single message. It definitely does not give you clarity on their feelings.

To trust or not to trust

This became extremely apparent to me when I started interviewing my most loyal readers (women between 35 and 55 who are married). As I learned their stories, I found that these readers had a common, yet unique, experience from the rest of the demographic. Their husbands are verbal supporters of their entrepreneurial endeavors, but simultaneously are emotional detractors. In other words, the old hubby is saying “go for it,” but emoting “you are screwing the family!”

My most loyal readers are experiencing a feeling abandonment from the person they share a bed with! They have an immutable law of “you must earn my trust, before you will get it.” And they have an understandable attitude of being hyper sensitive to any male that panders.

I am not just marketing to a demographic, I am marketing to a mindset. So are you! Start interviewing your clients. Talk about their feelings. You will find how to start (or stop) marketing to them.


3 thoughts on “Marketing To Psychographics”

  1. So true, Mike! We need to get to know our Ideal Clients from the inside out. When we take the time to do this and incorporate it in our marketing, our Ideal Clients feel like we really “get” them. It’s well worth to the time and effort to do this. Find out what’s on their playlist, their hobbies, what they read, what keeps them awake at night…

      1. Overworked business owner, high expectations of self and others, cares about the people working for him, distinguishing business by quality of product/service, takes pride in contributing to community and being of service. Will do it themselves when frustrated that employees aren’t getting it done, wants customer to be happy. Hobbies: hunting, camping, fishing, motorcycles, hockey…have lots of toys but probably not taking time to enjoy them. Distracted and preoccupied with biz even when home. Spouse relieved they are finally getting help with biz.

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