Some of the Most Memorable Marketing of 2012

When The World Ends

The world not ending on December 21, 2012, wasn’t the only memorable marketing moment in 2012. From Twitter and LinkedIn breaking up, to FaceBook posting an embarrassingly low initial public offering, and Pinterest’s astounding 11 million unique monthly visits (the fastest growth of any other standalone site ever), 2012 was packed with memorable marketing moments. Many of them, like Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer’s announcement of her plans to transform the company into a mobile-and technology-focused company bode well for marketers in 2013.

Month-by-month throughout 2012 social media, marketing and social media tools changed hands, set records and sparked more new memes than Justin Bieber collected Twitter followers. Some of the memorable marketing events of 2012 surprised us, but many inspired us. Some even amused us. The financial numbers, like FaceBook acquiring the Instagram app for $1 billion, staggered us. From NASCAR to KONY to Gangnam style, 2012 was a truly remarkable year for marketing, social media and the companies who define it.

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