The Million Dollar Question (With A Twist)

Most people know how they would answer the question, “What would you do with a million dollars?” The replies are usually about stuff – new house, new car, bigger this, bigger that. Or experiences, such as travel, staying home with the kids, or getting a college education.

And for wannabe entrepreneurs, the answer almost always is, “Start a business.” They believe if they could just get their hands on a bucket of cash, they could finally launch the business they’ve been threatening to start for years.

Entrepreneurs know that the real million-dollar question is not, “What would you do with a million dollars.” The question is, “What would you do to MAKE a million dollars.”

Do you see how that question instantly gets your mind away from false obstacles and on to plans of promise? Now you’re thinking in terms of reality, rather than fantasy- of living, rather than waiting.

Wait in Line, Wait for Your Date, But Don’t EVER Wait for Money!

Most people wait until they “have enough money” to follow their hearts desire. While you may need money to buy all that stuff on your wishlist (unless you’re this guy), experiences can be had and aspirations can be fulfilled without it. I’m living proof. I’m an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs don’t wait for anything, least of all money. They get it done and get on with their lives. Money is never, ever an obstacle to achieving their goals, and their ideas are all the better for it. Financial limitations require ingenuity, and ingenuity leads to greatness.

You don’t need a million – or even $1,000 – to get your groove on. But you do need to follow your heart so that your desire sustains you as you work toward your dreams.

Waiting is for Wannabes

Job security is very important to most people, but for entrepreneurs, it’s a dead-end situation. Setting aside the fact that in today’s economy there are no truly secure jobs, the allure of a regular paycheck, benefits, and a fat 401K often seems like too much to give up in favor of a dream, not matter how true and heartfelt.

So the average person, the wannabe, will stay in their 9-to-5 job and wish and hope and dream, like almost every other cubicle dweller. Sure, they’ll talk about ideas and plans, maybe even make lists, or vision boards, or hire a life coach. But soon the wannabes will freak out about money, or get distracted, or quit because it’s not happening quickly or perfectly enough.

When an entrepreneur feels an urge to follow their heart’s desire, they jump in with both feet. Rather than waiting for a million dollars in order to start a business, the entrepreneur starts living their passion to make the million.

So stop buying those scratch offs and lotto tickets and get off the can, wannabe, or you’ll be eating your Lean Cuisine in the break room five days a week for the rest of your life. What would YOU do to make a million?


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