Need Client Insights? Become A (Temporary) Journalist!

Do you want to know what your top clients and prospects really need from you? Do you want to know the biggest problems or opportunities they face? Do you want insider access to them? It’s easy. Become a journalist.

Write an article for your website or offer to write one for an industry trade rag. Then contact your top clients and prospects to ask for an interview for the article. Few people, regardless of their status, decline the opportunity for exposure.

Always present yourself with integrity. Explain you are a consultant to their industry and that you are compiling a report or preparing an article. And in the name of all that is holy, don’t pitch your business at this time. They will know about you through your interview (that’s more than enough of a pitch). If you do the interview with the utmost integrity you will win their trust (that’s the ultimate element of any pitch).

During the interview, ask them about the biggest problems and opportunities they face and what they need from companies like yours. Ask them all the things you need to know.

Once your article goes live, reach out to your contact and share access to the article. Now is the time to get the cup of coffee meeting, so you can pitch your business. You’ll probably get it, journalists have insider access after all.

Gain Prospects By Writing


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