New Business Book, Surge by Mike Michalowicz, Demystifies Market Timing

Obsidian Launch announced the June 20, 2016 release of Surge, a new business strategy book from the author of Profit First, Mike Michalowicz.

After launching and selling two multi-million companies, Michalowicz set out on a mission to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty through mentoring business leaders, and writing game-changing, “from the trenches” business strategy books that helped entrepreneurs save and grow their businesses—and their bank accounts.

Surge was inspired by a reader. “I was talking with some readers of my earlier books, and one person blurted out, ‘I believe in and live all of these strategies, but I struggle with timing.’ She felt like if she could time the market, all of her problems would be solved,” Michalowicz says. “I thought, ‘why can’t we simplify market timing?’ I studied people who were successful at it, modified and practiced strategies for my own business, and I saw results. Then I wrote the book. I’m always the guinea pig for my readers.”

“All markets have surges, big and small,” Michalowicz says. “The secret is finding them and getting in front of them. There is a formula to it that applies to any business, and that’s why I wrote the book.” Surge: Time the Marketplace, Ride the Wave of Consumer Demand, and Become Your Industry’s Big Kahuna is available for pre-order now in print, ebook and audio formats at

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