Episode 157: Turn an Idea into a Reality with Francine Steadman Krulak

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In this episode we interview Francine Steadman Krulak. What if you had a novel idea? What if you were the founder of BuddhaBooth, a concept to bring serenity to any chaotic environment. Well that’s exactly what Francine did and as she starts her business, she’s sharing her path to profitability. Lessons abound and it’s nice to know you’re not alone as you start your business.

Our Guest

Francine is an innovative lifestyle guru. Her aha moment to create BuddhaBooths came to her like a lightning bolt after days of sensory overload and sleep deprivation working a taxing job on the road. As a serial entrepreneur, prior to founding BuddhaBooth, she spent her time consulting and developing business for international companies such as La Playa Insurance and Source-Lifestyle, as well as nurturing her line of eco-friendly artisan packaging, Fabrilopes. She is perpetually inspired by her diverse clients and loves navigating the ins and outs of the art world.

Francine’s soul work is embedded in her not-for-profit organization, Art and Soul New York, which provides a platform for individuals to heal by way of painting, drawing, writing, meditation, yoga, reiki, and other holistic healing modalities.

Her greatest joy is being a mom to three amazing children and sharing a rich, meaningful and lovable life with them.

Guest Links

Website: www.buddhabooth.com

Facebook: facebook.com/BuddhaBooth

Instagram: @buddhabooths

Twitter: @myzenzone

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