Episode 178: Confidence to Steal the Show with Michael Port

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On this “best of” episode we interview bestselling Author Michael Port. Michael talks about his book, Steal the Show, and gives us great pointers on how to gain the confidence you need for speeches, job interviews, or deal-closing pitches.


Our Guests

Michael Port

Called “an uncommonly honest author” by the Boston Globe, a “marketing guru” by The Wall Street Journal, and a “sales guru” by the Financial Times, Michael Port is a NY Times bestselling author of six books including Book Yourself Solid, The Think Big Manifesto and his hot new release, Steal the Show.

Interestingly, he is probably the only NY Times bestselling business book author to have also been a successful professional actor, guest starring on shows like Sex & The City, Law & Order, Third Watch, All My Children and in films like The Pelican Brief and Down to Earth.

These days, Michael can be seen regularly on MSNBC, CNBC, and PBS as an on air expert in communication and business development.


Show Quotes

If we fall flat when the spotlight is on us, nothing happens; but if we can shine in those moments, we do big things!

We get so anxious because we’re not prepared. You cannot rise to the occasion if you “wing it”.

We obsess and focus on ourselves, our own needs, and our need for approval. One reason why we’re not confident is because we are trying to get approval from other people rather than focusing on getting results. We’re afraid of rejection so we play it safe and don’t take risks.

When people hear “performance” they think fake or phony – this is not always the case. Be authentic: amplify or downplay different parts of your personality and your voice when appropriate. Be a chameleon but don’t let go of your values.

Practice is something you do to develop skills; rehearsal is something you do to become more familiar with a given situation. When you are well prepared AND in the moment, THEN you can be spontaneous. Winging it will take you out of the moment because you are thinking frantically about the next step.

The stakes are high no matter what the situation – so raise them anyway! It’s okay to make mistakes.

Sometimes we think selling is about us, therefore we are scared of rejection. “Am I worth this money?” “Can I live up to this commitment?” Our reputation is based on our ability to make commitments and fulfill them. Remember that people express their values through what they buy.

You have to be in the game to win. Overcome the “i’m not worth it!” in your mind – you will become more confident when you actually do the thing you’re thinking about doing. It can be more difficult to believe that you can do something if you haven’t actually done it.

There are 2 types of criticism: the people in the cheap seats that push you down to make themselves get up, and your internal critic. Your internal voice is the one you have to fight. If you let this voice in your head get the better of you, you will hear all the external criticism as well. When you fight for what you want, these voices reduce their volume.


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Michael Port’s Website

Michael’s Books: Steal the Show , Book Yourself Solid , Beyond Booked Solid


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